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Rev. Starr RavenHawk HPS, Elder

Rev. Luna Rojas HPS, Elder



   Rev. Hectuba Hestia HPS

I was born into a Jewish household, but never truly embraced the religion.  As a child I was always interested in spiritual pursuits and used to pretend I had magical powers, and was even drawn into being a stage magician.  In fact, Harry Houdini was an idol of mine.  I first discovered the occult and true magickal things when I was in Junior High School and High School.  After going to college, I discovered witchcraft. After being in the Chasidic world and orthodox Jewry for about 10 years, I started to yearn for true magickal things again.  This was 7 years ago.

I then met my present husband, who has been my rock and support.  Through him I was able to discover where I truly belonged.  I found Raymond Buckland’s book and did some learning with that, but found I didn’t learn very much.  My next discovery was Witchschool.com and where I learned even more.  I became solitary for a while and felt I needed to join a coven.  I discovered one nearby me in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and worshiped with them for just over a year.  While with them, I met my best friend Rose.  Approximately 1 year later my friend Rose introduced me to the Wiccan FamilyTemple, which is where I am today.  I have plans on continuing my learning and worshipping with them, and eventually becoming an elder with the temple and taking my knowledge and learning into the future. Becoming ordained and performing marriages and such.


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