Rev. Hectuba Hestia Sr. Hps

Arlene        I was born into a Jewish household, but never truly embraced the religion.  As a child I was always interested in spiritual pursuits and used to pretend I had magical powers, and was even drawn into being a stage magician.  In fact, Harry Houdini was an idol of mine.  I first discovered the occult and true magickal things when I was in Junior High School and High School.  After going to college, I discovered witchcraft. After being in the Chasidic world and orthodox Jewry for about 10 years, I started to yearn for true magickal things again.  This was 7 years ago.

I then met my present husband, who has been my rock and support.  Through him I was able to discover where I truly belonged.  I found Raymond Buckland’s book and did some learning with that, but found I didn’t learn very much.  My next discovery was and where I learned even more.  I became solitary for a while and felt I needed to join a coven.  I discovered one nearby me in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and worshiped with them for just over a year.  While with them, I met my best friend Rose.  Approximately 1 year later my friend Rose introduced me to the Wiccan FamilyTemple in 2007, and began my studies with the Academy in 2008, which is where I am today.  I have since become a Reverend with the NYC Wiccan Family Temple and a teacher at the Academy of Pagan Studies.

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