Sidhe Moons


Sidhe / Black Moons

The Sidhe Moon – is the second New Moon to occur in any one solar month.

The Sidhe moon is considered to be the reflection of the New Moon in The Otherworlds. The second Dark Moon in a month is named after the Sidhe.

2014 was a very unusual year in that we will be having two Sidhe Moons in the Julian calendar year. The first is January 30; the second is March 30. In the solar calendar year, November 22 is the third of four Dark Moons in the season from Mabon to Yule and therefore is also a Sidhe Moon.

Many believe that Dark Moons are a time when magickal workings should be avoided and Sidhe Moons even more so. However, for those who believe it is appropriate to appreciate the Moon in all Her phases, the Dark Moon is as important as the Full Moon. The Dark Moon is a useful period for growth, for starting new ventures, or new beginnings. Of course sometimes to make room for new growth, something must be culled: something must die. What better time to banish the undesired?

You can celebrate the Sidhe Moons as simply or as extravagantly as you wish. To acknowledge the Sidhe, take extra time to leave out offerings. Milk and honey is the fairy path tradition, but the Sidhe like ale, mead, wine, and good food. Share some with them. Put a bird bath in your garden to attract them.

Celebrate the Dark Moon as you do the New Moon. There are after all, a number of important Dark Moons this year as well. Here are some important ones:

The first Dark Moon of the Year. Welcome the Year of the Sidhe with merry-making, and don’t forget to include an offering to them! Make some resolutions as to what spiritual seeds you will plant this year.
The 2nd  –  Hold a brief ceremony to honor the Sidhe and Brigit. Write your resolutions on birch paper if you can find some) and make an oath to carry them out. Burn the paper in a sacred fire.
The 3rd  – Sidhe Moon on the Julian calendar. This will be an excellent time for a ceremony to charge talismans or to cull that from your life that is no longer needed, making room for new growth.
The 4th – Incorporate placating the Sidhe into your Beltane rituals (if it falls at that time).
The 5th  – If it is at harvest time, share part of your harvest bounty with your Otherworldly neighbors.
The 6th  – This is a Sidhe Moon is a moon of healing.
The 7th – If it falls near Yule, a festival of returning light is doubly important as both the Sun and the Moon begin to gain in strength.

However or whichever you decide to celebrate, during the year to reconnect with the Otherworlders all around us, to reconnect with the Elemental Powers of the Universe and to reconnect with that magickal presence in ourselves. Have a happy Year of the Sidhe!

SIDHE – SHEE – Fairy/ Faery people.  The Tuatha de Danu

Second Dark Moon in a solar month, propitious for connecting with Otherworld, working with the Daoine Sidhe, and adding psychic energy to magickal workings.

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