2nd Degree

Second Degree – Your 2nd Year and a Day

These are sample of the classes a person would be required to take for their Second Degree status.

The curriculum for the 2nd Degree program at Wiccan Family Temple is a balance of academic and practical assignments. The first part of this course will deal with tools and materials that you might use in various operations. The remainder develops skills and personal attributes that you will need in the physical and ethereal realms as you begin to interact with and change your environment on a broader basis. The classes will begin with a review and continue on with advanced work, in preparation for third degree initiation. All classes being offered for 2nd Degree are either advanced versions of 1st Degree classes or newly introduced topics.

History of Ancient Druids/Celts

Introduction to the background of the ancient Druids and Celts: their origins, society, beliefs, appearance and languages. They divided society into three groups. The druids, who were learned priests, shamans and judges; the military aristocracy, who were the power-holders and the heroes; and the free men, who were farmers and owned cattle. Both men and women were thought to be immensely brave in battle.

Ancient Egyptian Culture

General society of Egypt, the importance of the King, Goddesses and Gods of the Ancient Egyptian Culture, along with the practices of the priests and priestesses of the temples.

The Goddess and The God

  • Working with different Deities
  • Which Deities will work with yo

Creating the Wealthy Witch in you

  • Learning to accept wealth as part of your religion
  • Learning how to begin to bring wealth in.
  • Wiccan Rede and how it works with wealth
  • Pagan ethics of wealth
  • Living true to you, creating your own Rede or Ethics.

Becoming A Wealthy Witch Part I

Practical and common sense spell casting approaches to manifesting material wealth personally and professionally. Witches can become adept at focusing energy and manifesting change to enrich their lives and the lives of others financially.

Uncovering Hidden Barriers to Success; Planning and Budgeting

What has kept you from setting and/or meeting financial goals in the past. You may have negative connotations surrounding money, success, ambition, or wealth based on family, cultural, or even religious beliefs. These beliefs may be unconscious or very clear to you. Uncovering negative stigmas and addressing them is the first hurdle to gaining long-lasting and real prosperity. Secondly, you will create a firm, clear financial goal for yourself as the first step toward financial freedom. We will be doing a guided meditation. Spell work to create your individual spell, along with listings of other prosperity herbs, colors, Gods/Goddesses, runes, tarot, etc. for your reference.

Become A Wealthy Witch Part II

Practical and common sense spell casting approaches to manifesting material wealth personally and professionally. Witches can become adept at focusing energy and manifesting change to enrich their lives and the lives of others financially.

Personal Financial Goal-setting; Business/Professional Growth Part II:

Personal Financial Growth

Now that you’ve taken stock of your financial situation and created a new plan to make the most of what you have, it is time to reach out for areas of personal financial growth. You will identify ways in which you can increase your income, either through promotion, a new job, or starting a venture. You will set benchmarks for yourself and outline a timeline for your personal success; Spells for visualization and manifestation will be included.

Business/Professional Growth

You will create a clear plan and goal for your professional achievements; or your company’s success. Topics will include business budgeting (operation expenses, profit/loss calculation), economies of scale, and utilizing networking and marketing.

Advanced Ritual Practices

  • Spell Work : how to get more from it during all rituals public or private.
  • Grounding
  • Journeying
  • The pentagram / pentacle further studies
  • Circle Etiquette
  • Gate Keeper
  • Ritual Garb

Advance Spell Casting 

  • Magick in Practice
  • Working with incense
  • Working with oils
  • Working Powders
  • Working with Tarot Spells
  • Tie in a number of tools to make practical magick
  • Make your spells more effective

Magick of the Archangels

  • Working with specific Angels
  • Cleansing and Consecrating
  • Setting Up Sacred Space
  • How to work with them

They act as divine messengers or guides. Delving into the history of angelic magick. Specifically, focus on the archangels of the Tree of Life and those of the four directions- Uriel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, learning now to work with each through ritual to manifest change in your life and understand your own angelic nature and true purposes in our lives

Witches Healing Arts and Medicine

  • What can we do
  • Midwifery
  • Candle therapy
  • Ethically speaking
  • Touching on Reiki

Hands on Practice of Divination

  • Meditation Techniques , Working in Alpha
  • Using Tarot to journey
  • Making it work for you while journeying
  • Psychic Development
  • Divination in Daily Life and using it to guide you on a daily basis.

Hands on Practice of Divination

  • Making it work for you while journeying
  • Scrying with Mirror and water and fire
  • Hands on Exercises with Elementals, Thought forms and Spirit Guides

Mythical and Magickal Creatures 

  • Elementals
  • Thought forms and Spirits
  • Watchers
  • Familiars
  • Choosing and working with them

Sacred Sounds

  • Chanting and singing
  • Hands on training with drums
  • Raising energy in Ritual

Introduction to Seance

Everyone has heard of “Seances”. This class is an examination of what a seance really is and how to hold one. Including protection, fear and debunking any urban myths about it in general.

Advanced Charms, Talismans and Amulets

  • How does it relate to Witchcraft
  • How do we use them
  • How can we make them
  • The meanings behind them
  • Working with them wisely
  • Spell casting

Psychic Self- Defense

  • Curses, Banishing & Dealing with difficult people and entities
  • Banishing
  • Protecting yourself
  • Working safely
  • Breaking dark magicks
  • How to handle them
  • The ethics behind it

Alchemy, Psychology and Magick 

  • Psychology of magick
  • Working ethics
  • Will affirmations

Witchcraft and The Tree of Life

Many Witchcraft practices are drawn from the traditions of high magick, also known as Ceremonial Magick, though not all Witches are aware of the influence of Ceremonial Magick upon our Craft. Hermetic, Alchemy and Qabalah have all become entwined with the rebirth of Witchcraft. The Qabalistic Tree of Life, depicting ten levels of consciousness and twenty-two paths of transformation, is used by Magicians and Witches alike. Join us for an exploration of the Tree of Life and the rituals of Ceremonial Magick, from the Witch?s perspective. Learn how to integrate this wisdom into your own personal practice, and whether you will adapt in into your personal practice.

Working with Ouija Board & Spirit Boards

  • Preparation before and after
  • Working with the wisely
  • Unwanted entities
  • States of minds
  • Lots of myths. .

Astral Travel

  • Path Working
  • Preparing

Working with Runes

  • Use for magickal workings
  • Rune guidance
  • Understanding
  • Making your own rune set

Forming your Own Groups

  • How to join already formed Covens
  • How to form your own
  • Inner / Outer Court workings
  • The responsibility
  • Your rules to work by

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