Crafting of The Witch Classes


The programs listed below are advanced and/or focused offerings within The Academy of Pagan Studies.  They have been, and are being, developed to provide those interested in expanding and enhancing their experience and knowledge of the Craft in an educationally intensive environment. The vast majority of the topics below are also covered within our Wiccan Training Program, however we recognize that there is always room for more intensive study.                                                 

Crafting the Witch Series: Enchanted Oil, Incense & Brews

  • The History
  • How it is used in general
  • Making it better for your usage
  • Recipes
  • Fine tuning your skills in this area
  • Bring your open minds, a pen and a notebook.

This is a great class for many who wish to gain knowledge in the art of working with oils, incense, powders and teas, making and creating amazing recipes with purpose.

Crafting the Witch:  Making The Witches Wand

     ·       History

     ·       Making of A Wand

     ·       Consecrating ritual for the wand

You will have to search and find a tree branch that is suitable for you to use as a wand.  All other supplies will be provided.

Crafting the Witch:  Making Your Temple Cloth

     ·       The History

     ·       How it is used

     ·       The planning and scaling of it

     ·       The Making of Your Temple Cloth

Consecrating ritual for your new Temple Cloth

  Crafting the Witch:  Making The Witches Besom

    ·       The History

    ·       Meaning

     ·       Making of the Besom

This class will have an extra cost for supplies TBA


Crafting the Witch:  Rune Crafting

     ·       The History

     ·       The Making of Your Runes

     ·       Consecrating ritual for your new Runes

Supplies are included in cost.


Crafting the Witch:  Making Talismans

     ·       The History

     ·       How it is used

     ·       The Making of Many Talismans


                       Crafting the Witch:  Making Your BOS / Grimoire

     ·       The History

     ·       The making of the BOS / Grimoire from the ground up

     ·       Consecrating ritual for your new BOS/Grimoire

Additional cost for supplies TBA


                    Crafting the Witch:  Candle Spell Crafting

     ·       The History

     ·       The colors

     ·       Timing

     ·       Carving, Dressing and Blessing your Spell Candle


                                   Crafting the Witch:   Making Magickal Mirrors

     ·       The History

     ·       How it is used

     ·       The Crafting of Your Magickal Mirror

Consecrating ritual for your new Magickal Mirror

Crafting of the Witch:  The Enchanted Carving Candle Spell Casting

This is an intensive class on how to do Spell Candles with purpose. You will learn the history of candles for magickal uses, color meanings, planetary meanings and what role it plays in magickal spells, the meanings of the outcome of a spell candle and how it can empower you. The many types of candles and their purposes. How can we apply this knowledge in on our personal lives to make it better. Always check for further updates to any events, classes, or celebrations on at link:

$30.00 per class, plus $10.00 material fee for the items needed to carve your own candle. Booklet included.

Crafting the Witch: Tarot The Basics

This is an Introductory course which explores its history, myths and uses:  meanings of the cards; setting the mood; layouts; ethics and more.  Homework will be given and practice sessions will be held with the instructor and other students.

Being held for 4 classes:  Get ready for some creative fun with an experienced instructor and get some  hands-on training.  You can take as many or as little of these classes as you wish, and you can join in at any time.  $30.00 per class or $85.00 for all 3 classes


$30.00+ $3.00 surcharge single class payment:

Expanding your Astrological Consciousness

This is a four part class designed to take what we know about astrology and move on from the normal cut and dry ‘cook book’ interpretations.  Participants of all levels of astrology are welcome – we will catch you up, so don’t worry if you’re new! We will review the houses, planets, signs and how they pertain to each other. Most of us have some understanding of astrology, so we will catch up and then move forward so that we can expand our knowledge of the heavens, how they affect us and ultimately who we really are. We will take a deeper look into aspects of the planets, and how to read how these energies are interacting in your natal birth chart and current transits. We will then look at other elements such as Chiron, Dark Moon, Lilith, the Midheaven, the north and south nodes.

The goal for this class is to further develop the mind and its abilities to read into your natal chart for personal insight and clarity.  New ways of looking at what you already know, thinks you didn’t know to look for and things you’ve never seem before. Once you understand your natural energy flow, as well as your souls progression, you can further develop your magic and meditation skills.
We will also explore Progressions and Solar Arcs and how the planets move throughout your lifetime to reflect your inner development. And finally we will talk about the upcoming transits and Eclipses of 2009 so you can get an idea of what to expect in the year ahead!

This class is meant to be fun but also self-exploring. Some meditations will also be taught to free your mind of the every-day static so you can approach your birth chart with clarity.
Part I – House, Planets, Signs, Aspects We will discuss How this energy plays out in your chart, and how to scry deeper into what this means for you. We will learn how to let your birth chart speak to you, Meditation and mind expansion, and how to work with your natural energy. What your planets are doing, how they’re talking to each other, how your mind works, how your energy flows, and how you can function to your best ability. If you are new, no problem! We will catch you up. 

Learning astrology takes time – don’t worry if you feel that you don’t ‘get it’.    $40.00

Part II – Lilith, Chiron, the Midheaven, North and South Node.

Adding more elements to the mix, we will look into aspects of where your soul has been, what you have brought with you, where you need to go and what you need to let go of. We will also look at what your purpose is, what career options suit you best, what your blocks are, and where your potential lies.    $40.00

Part III – Solar Arcs and Progressions.       What are the stages of your life? What are your cycles of development? How can you predict upcoming energy? We will look at Arcs and Progressions are analyze where you are at in your life, and what chapters are opening up in your personal story.   $40.00

 Crafting of the Witch: Apothecary The Kitchen Witch 

Have you ever browsed through a shop and wondered how all those lovely incenses, oils, soaps, bath salts, sachets, powders were made? Perhaps you’ve already tried your hand at making them and wish to refine your technique?  This series of workshops are for you!  Get ready for some creative fun with experienced instructors and hands-on learning. 

$40.00 per class  


(you can take 1 or all of these classes):                           $40 per class which includes informational compendium/class materials. As usual we are always trying to improve on all that we do.  So here we go again.  Folkloric, Magickal and WiseWoman Ways of using herbs…. And much more! This is a complete herbal study system that offers insights into healing naturally. Very few classes like this exist in New York City, and you’ll appreciate the convenience of learning herbalism without having to travel Upstate for similar classes! Don’t wait, join now!
HERBAL INTENSIVE CLASS I includes: *A Brief History of Herbalism * General notes on basic uses of herbs, how to use herbs safely and professionally *An overview of the effects of herbs, and which parts of the body are affected…. *The categories of herbs, roots, etc… *The many ways in which herbs are stored/processed *12 Herbs that are safe and work for everyone, their properties, components, folk medicine uses and herbal medicinal uses


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