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Please do join us at our First NYC Black Hat Society & the 10th Annual                 Witches Masquerade Ritual & Celebration on Oct. 31st and                                   on Nov. 1st A Witches Samhain Ritual

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2014 Samhain

Samhain Nov 1-2014

The Wiccan Family Temple hold a number of events throughout the entire year.

We provide open circles for both the monthly full moon celebrations as well as the eight seasonal Sabbat rituals. The Wiccan Family Temple also provides a series of classes set up in three degrees for those wanting to learn specifically about Wicca and paganism in general. The Wiccan Family Temple has been offering these services since 2005. We would also like to share our space with other local groups so that they may have the same.

The following are some of the celebrations we hold during the calendar year:

Open Full Moon Circles, Spring Equinox Pagan Mingle, Beltane in Central Park, Witchsfest USA, Witches’ Samhain, Yule Winter Solstice Celebration

All these events are open for everyone to attend. We also organize day trips to different events throughout the Greater New York City Metropolitan area.

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