Welcome to WFT Academy of Pagan Studies

At WFT Academy of Pagan Studies  we offer the most comprehensive, well-planned and affordable training available anywhere. Our large and active communities, our sources of learning that go on each and every day are unsurpassed in learning on the Path of Wicca. We offer First through Third Degree training through to Apprentice Adept.

Continuing studies to further help you become a High Priest/High Priestess befitting one who you and we can be proud of.  One who is also, possibly on their way to becoming a Licensed State Reverend.  We now offer further studies at the University of Pagans to help one learn to understand oneself as well as preparation in helping the community at large.

Additionally we have many other Witch Crafting Classes & Workshops including: Herbal Intensive Series, Astrology, Candle Spell Works, Temple Cloth Crafting, Tarot, Pendulum use, Spell Crafting, Runes and much more, such as etc.

What is wonderfully unique about WFT Academy of Pagan Studies is that it allows you to set the pace of your learning experience and provides you with an affordable way to grow within a structured Wiccan learning environment. You will be challenged and we invite those who welcome this challenge to our Wiccan Academy. We take your education very seriously, and in turn you should be serious about your education and training in the Path of Wicca / WitchCraft.    Before considering enrollment and training with WFT Academy of Pagan Studies please keep in mind that it is a commitment to a life-path choice.

witchy wisdomWithin our Academy walls there is an enormous amount of Community Interaction through the use of blogs, meetups, ritual events etc., further enabling you to increase your knowledge and learning as well as providing you the ability to network with other like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment. The Academy is truly a Spiritual Home and we welcome you to make it your own!


We have Degree-specific Study to discuss challenging lessons, facilitate rituals celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats as well as for healing and self-empowerment, all in a friendly and open atmosphere. We also hold Wiccan Degree dedications marking the stages of your training as you move through the Academy*. We have found that many of our Students find it wonderful to be in a group learning environment that they can consider a Community Home. We are all very proud of our Academy, and it is each and every one of the Students that make it what it is. If you are reading this, I am confident that you would make a wonderful addition to our Academy and do hope that after reading you will decide to join us as a WFT Academy of Pagan Studies Student and member of The Wiccan Family Temple.

We will continue to strive always to provide a more comprehensive selection of training programs and as such offers many other Elective Craft courses and training opportunities for seekers of knowledge and magickal expertise. We encourage you to visit our CURRICULUM PAGE & CRAFT CLASSES PAGE for a complete list of current and future programs.

We welcome you to begin your studies by going to our ADMISSION AND PRICES (where you will find applications – please fill it out and send it via our form) and submit your enrollment and payment to the Academy before your first class or pay in cash at your first class.

We look forward to having you join us as a new Student of the WFT Academy of Pagan Studies.

Welcome and Blessed Be!